Deva Co. Founders

Deva Co. been a dream of ours for 10 years, but with little ones the timing wasn’t right…. But we never stopped dreaming and believing that this dream would turn to reality! So if any of you out there think that your dream is impossible, just don’t give up as you never know when the right time will be…

Danera Wilkinson

Dee from Deva Co. prenatal yoga, doula, massage, beauty treatments

Hi I’m Dee.

My mission began long before I knew where I was headed! I started my career in caring for others when I was in my teens working for my Mum in the family beauty salon and spa. I learnt the Beauty trade from the ground up over 20 years, with service to others being the number one priority that was instilled in me.

After a big shock at becoming a mum, and suffering in the underworld of postnatal depression, I discovered so much about myself. I realised what I needed to function well; and that was a sense of community, learning how to take time to slow down and connect to the real and most inner parts of myself. I found that through yoga -which made me feel so good in body and mind! This is when I realised there was so much more to life than I had experienced. I decided after my second child was born that I needed to share all that I had learned in the hope that others didn’t suffer as I had.

I fulfilled my Yoga Teacher training in 2010 with the specialties in Pre & Post natal and kids and haven’t looked back. This then led me to Birthing from Within in 2012 and deepening my understanding of the complexities and “underworld” of birth, motherhood and parenting. I embarked on a journey to become a Birthing From Within Mentor and Doula, which has been the most incredible path, and one I absolutely love to share with parents. I have a huge passion for sharing my life experiences and hope that with each person I meet I can add some value to their life! As everyone is different, I take the time to really listen and individualise a plan, so people can easily understand what to do in the way that is right for them.

I have been so blessed to meet some amazing people along the way and have learned so much- from waxing eyebrows to belly dancing to supporting parents in birth and beginners in yoga; and to now combine all of that under one roof at Deva Co. is pretty special. I really hope you feel the connection and support that Suzie & I have created here, as it has been fostered over a very long friendship and now partnership.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Suzanne McCarthy

Hi, I’m Suzie!

Creating Deva Co. has been a dream of Dee and I’s for quite a while and we are so happy now to offer our combined expertise under one roof.
My path to health and well-being started over 20 years ago. My skin has always been sensitive to commercial products, and in the mid 90’s I was introduced to aromatherapy as an alternative. I started to make my own products for skin and hair and healing balms. I was considered quite the hippy back then by those around me! My passion and love of Aromatherapy led me on the journey to where I am today.
In 2000 I decided to formalise and deepen my knowledge by studying Aromatherapy and Remedial Massage at Endeavour College.
Since then I have run my own successful massage business and managed the Azure Spa on 6 star Lizard Island Resort in Far North Queensland. I have completed many other studies over the years which has led me to develop a combined blend of remedial and healing techniques which gives each person a tailored and unique experience when on the massage table.
I am now a Mumma of 3 beautiful children which each has helped me to continually grow as a human being and cultivate a deeper understanding of the complexity of our nature. I feel very blessed I get to work in my passion, helping people heal and to find a little bit of peace on their journey. See you soon!