Deva Birth Co. ~ Positive Birth Classes & Doula Support

Our Positive Birth classes are taught by Dee the Doula. We teach holistic prenatal & postnatal care that is informative & easy to understand. You will learn practical information about labour, birth skills, caring for a newborn and much more in a relaxed environment.

Our classes work extremely well when paired with ongoing Prenatal Yoga and Pilates classes. Which gives you the opportunity every week to immerse yourself in learning and practice that is needed. This can help you cope well through your birth experience.

Dee the Doula

Dee has been working with families pre & postnatally for well over a decade and in that time has mentored and coached thousands of parents-to-be to a positive, empowered, connected birth experience.
In all that time we’ve never had anyone fall asleep due to boredom!

Dee is a Certified Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator & Doula and has also trained with
Spinning Babies, BirthWorks, BellydanceBirth & HypnoBirthing Australia as a Supportive Caregiver. All of these birthing methods are incorporated into the Deva Birth Co. Classes.

You can be sure you’ll be in experienced and loving hands 
when you come to Deva Birth Co. and attend a Positive Birth Class!


Doula gold coast Childbirth education birth and doula classes for pregnancy at Deva Co. & Mini buddhas yoga on the gold coast

We believe that our childbirth classes are essential. Especially for first-time parents and for those preparing for their next birth when the first one didn’t go as “planned”. Excelling in reducing fear and preventing emotional birth trauma, we openly discuss the intensity of birth AND the inner strength, resourcefulness and knowing of women.

We encourage connection and support between birthing couples and their support people so you can all head into your birthing journey feeling safe, confident and prepared. Birthing your baby is a time when you can feel joyful, excited, nervous and apprehensive all at once. Once you have completed your Deva Birth Co. classes you will feel ready and excited to meet your baby and become parents.

The 12hr series is run over two days from 10am-5pm $600
Earlybird price for 12hr immersion is $500 Paid in full 4 weeks prior

2022 dates 
18 & 19 June
6 & 7 August

Shop 2 Nirvana By The Sea, 1 Douglas St, Kirra
Entrance on Musgrave St ( beachfront)
with free parking underneath Nirvana By The Sea

You can also arrange private or shorter classes as well. The private classes are priced as follows:
2hrs $160; 3hrs $230; 4hrs $290; 6hrs $385; 8hrs $480 | There is also an extra $30 surcharge for private classes held on Sundays.

Prepare for more children and feel connected at Mini Buddhas Yoga.

Birthing Again Classes

…for 2nd time parents
This class is for parents expecting their second, third or more baby. We will share your birth stories and move past any lingering doubts or fears you may be holding onto with Birth Story Medicine (more below).
You will build your pain coping mindset and have tools to prepare for birth and beyond. We’ll discuss the changing family dynamic, and prepare for your birth both physically and mentally.
Includes a refresher on birth positions and partner support.
Saturday 12:30pm-4:30pm.
Cost is $180 per couple in group $260 for private session. Book in quick as places are limited and you don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity!

Birth Story Medicine

When thinking about the birth of their child, parents can often have mixed feelings of joy and grief, guilt, anger or depression. Especially when the baby is healthy, most people discount the importance or validity of a parent’s negative or unexpected feelings about the labour or birth.

Left unresolved, negative feelings and beliefs undermine the joy and confidence of parenting, and can negatively affect relationships with partner, baby, friends and work. If your past birth experience is interfering with your peace of mind or positive anticipation of an upcoming birth, then don’t wait. Change the way you feel about your birth in a Birth Story session.
Sessions are in a group or privately and are approximately 1 hour.
Birth Story Medicine is also included in the Birthing Again class.
Private Session $90

doula services birth support at Deva Co. & mini buddhas yoga on the gold coast

Dee the Doula

Birth Support

Doula ~ literally means “to serve” and to “mother the mother”. It is the epitome of my why; to be of service and hold space for families on their birthing journey, I provide emotional, practical and physical support for the birthing person and their family during pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.

I am a mum of two and experienced certified doula which allows me both personal & professional experience in supporting you during your pregnancy, birth and beyond. With many years experience in bodywork and movement therapy I give you the best support before, during and after the birth of your precious little one.

I understand that each family is different and I can adapt to your needs. This is reflected in the many births I have attended, which have been totally varied and unique. I have offered continuous emotional and physical support during long and extremely intense situations, advocating for families when they were unable to know what to do next. My resolve to support and nurture families through their birth did not waver in these times, which has given me amazing insight and experience to bring to the next birth.
I assure you that I will stay by your side for as long as you need me; holding your hand, massaging your back or just breathing with you.

If you are looking for some extra support no matter whether you are choosing to birth at home or in a Hospital/Birth Centre, then this could be what you have been searching for.

Services I provide as a doula:

  • Phone and email support during pregnancy. On call 24/7 from 38 weeks
  • Prenatal Yoga & Pilates Barre classes.
  • Bodywork & Optimal positioning for birth
  • Prenatal visits and support.*
  • Emotional support and childbirth education including pain coping practices
  • Herbal, Aromatherapy and homeopathic remedies 
  • Attendance during labour and birth when you need me
  • Postnatal visits and support.**
  • Community of like minded people
  • community library of relevant books to lend

*Prenatal visits may include yoga and movement, childbirth education, massage, all aspects of beauty therapy & nutrition tips.
** Postnatal visits may include sharing your birth story, massage, beauty therapy, nutritious meals, helping around the house, breastfeeding help, baby settling and massage.

Doula Packages

As I offer a comprehensive range of movement and therapies unlike anyone else, the below packages are an example of what we can put in place for you. So no matter the level of support you need and require there is something for you. Packages start from $1795.

Essentials Package

1hr Prenatal interviewone postnatal visit
one 2hr prenatal education visita 90min Postnatal Massage
70min Pregnancy Bliss Massagehost your Mother Blessing/baby shower
attendance at your labour/birth 5 class prenatal yoga pass ($105 value)
on call for you from 38 weeks 


Bliss Package

1hr Prenatal interviewtwo postnatal visits
2hr prenatal education visita Closing The Bones Massage Ceremony
100min Pregnancy Bliss or Prep for Birth Massagehost your Mother Blessing/baby shower
attendance at your labour/birth10 class prenatal yoga pass
on call for you from 38 weeks


Ultimate Package

1hr Prenatal interviewa Closing The Bones Massage Ceremony
 2hr prenatal education visithost your Mother Blessing/ Baby Shower.
100min Pregnancy Bliss Massageunlimited Deva Co. yoga & pilates classes
100min Prepare for Birth Massagethree post natal visits
attendance at your labour/birth when you need me

on call from 38 weeks and one week postnatal


Ultimate Plus Package

1hr Prenatal interviewa Closing The Bones Massage Ceremony
12hr group Positive Birth Coursehost your Mother Blessing/ Baby Shower.
100min Pregnancy Bliss Massageunlimited Deva Co. yoga & pilates classes
100min Prepare for Birth Massagethree post natal visits
attendance at your labour/birth when you need meon call from 38 weeks and one week postnatal

Gold coast Doula provides care at mini buddhas yoga


Birth Only Package

1hr Prenatal interview
one 2hr prenatal education visit
attendance at your labour/birth in hospital/birth centre
on call for you from 38 weeks
one postnatal visit


Discuss your needs with me and we can also tailor a package to suit which can include more or less in a package.

Payment plans available.

Please call or email if you wish to meet and have an obligation free Prenatal Interview.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Call me now…

Danera (Dee the doula) Ph: 0404 668109