To all of our amazing & valued community…
It is with great disappointment that we will have to suspend
all in person classes at the centre for the foreseeable future.

To call these last weeks unprecedented, is the understatement of our lifetime. While social distancing may be the word of the year, no member of our community should ever feel alone. As you know we are a small business that runs on your support, so we are beyond grateful for the ongoing support that is pouring in.

While our in person classes will temporarily pause, we are excited to announce our live interactive classes have been immediately rolled out and expanded.

At this point our mental health and well-being is more important than ever. With that in mind, Deva Co. is happy to announce, we’re offering virtual live-streamed & recorded classes for you each week that are delivered through Zoom & Mindbody.
Our classes may look different than normal. We’ll be substituting our in studio props/weights for easy to sub alternatives at home {yes, grabbing those extra cans of beans was a good idea!}. So we may see your kids, pets & laundry and that will be totally alright by us!

Obviously we can’t magic Harmony into your loungeroom to look after your babes, so if you get distracted part way through a class, we will have an option to watch a recorded class via a members Facebook group.

Our goal is simple:
We do this together!

As well as attending our virtual classes, from now until we re-open, we are also offering discounted class packages and gift vouchers with extended expiration dates. Your support during this time period will help immensely and be greatly appreciated.

Retail products of essential oils and Hand Sanitisers are available to support your health as well. We will be offering a local pick up and delivery service for retail.

We have this opportunity to be stronger, mentally and physically if we use this time to stay connected, grounded and positive.
We look forward to fully re-opening in a few weeks, and will communicate further updates via email, social media, and this website. Until then, please do everything you can to stay healthy.

We hope you will join with us on this journey.

Much love to you all as we navigate these uncharted waters together.
Dee, Suzie & the Deva Co. family xox

We know you’ll have questions so please feel free to ask away… Here’s some common things we’ve addressed…

How do I book in?
There’s three ways…
Click on the link here
Book through the Mindbody App
Book through the classes page on our website

You will see our live class schedule and be able book any class.

How much are virtual classes?
First fortnight $19 Unlimited Classes
First class free
$15 casual drop in rate
$0 for existing Members on recurring memberships/passes
$45 per fortnight membership
$21 per week recurring (we require 3 days notice to cancel)
*contact us to get this option happening

How do I pay?
If you are a current member, nothing changes
New members and drops ins, pay online via Mindbody processing.

What happens after I book in as usual?
If joining on a device, download the Zoom App.
If on a laptop go to Zoom.us

At scheduled class start time time…
Open Zoom & Join A Meeting
Meeting ID: 560 702 5300
Password (case sensitive): Yoga

Your Zoom room will open and you will see your teacher.
You are automatically muted so turn on video & audio to check in & say hi. Then mute and your teacher will guide you through your class.

Optional: Turn on audio again at the end for feedback and chat.
Enjoy this wonderful way to still connect and practice!

Book your online class now

5 Classes + 1 Free

This package expires 6 months from the date of first booking and costs about $13.50 per class. 6 classes total. BUY FOR $80-105

10 Classes + 3 Free

This package expires 6 months from the date of first booking and costs about $13 per class. 13 classes total. BUY FOR $169-199

15 Classes + 3 Free

This package expires 6 months from the date of first booking and costs about $12.70 per class. 18 classes total. BUY FOR $229-259

Gift Certificates

$50 + 10% off
$100 + 20% off
$150 + 25% off