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Our Deva Co. Massage, Spa and Beauty treatments offer amazing experiences to nourish heal and restore. When you enter the treatment rooms you will instantly be transported to a place of deep relaxation and connection. Our experienced team of Devas perform treatments with the utmost care to ease you into a state of deep healing. All of our Deva Treatments use products from our Deva Co. Apothecary range. We believe in nourishing the body, mind and soul from the inside and out, and our treatments reflect this.

Our intention is to heal, nurture and alleviate. To provide you with a memorable spa experience do let us know in advance if you are pregnant or have any health concerns or specific issues you would like us to address.
We suggest you arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled treatment to relax and enjoy your welcome refreshments. Pre-treatment relaxation prepares you better for your spa journey. No need to bring anything as we provide all the comfortable attire you need during your spa experience. We advise you to avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol before your treatment.

Massage Treatments

mini buddhas yoga devatreatments on the gold coast

Deva Luxe Massage 1.5 hour $130
Our signature massage is our specialty treatment and is mix of relaxation and deep tissue techniques utilising trigger points and working to clear the energy meridians of the body. With this massage you will experience the benefits of Aromatherapy, Local Volcanic Hot Stones and steamed towels to help you relax and let go of all your stresses and worries.
If you want a complete escape from the outside world then this massage is for you!

Deva Signature Massage 1 hour $85 | 1.5 hour $125
Relax and unwind on the massage table for an hour of bliss that will leave you floating and peaceful. We give a firm but relaxing full body massage and intuitively work with what your body needs. Including hands, feet, scalp and face for a total full body experience. Quality massage oil, essential oils and hot towels are used to leave your skin feeling divine.
Choose from relaxing, deep, Aromatherapy or the therapist will tailor your Devatreatments to your needs. Just ask us!

Deva Bump pregnancy massage at Deva Co. on the Gold Coast

Deva Birth Connection ~
Pregnancy Massage 1hr $90 | 1.5hr $130
Being pregnant can place a huge physical and mental load on the mother-to-be. Your body is growing, shifting and changing like you’ve never experienced before! You wonder how you will be able to keep this up until your baby is ready to come into the world. But you needn’t worry! Our highly experienced therapists will intuit your needs for the best experience for you during this special time, which can change every day! We soothe your aches and worries, stretch out the body where needed and thoroughly consult and debrief with you before and after to guarantee you leave feeling amazing. Including belly, hands, feet, scalp and face for a total full body experience. 

Prepare for Birth Experience Massage For 37+ weeks  1.5hr $140
You’re at that stage where your due date is looming, You could be feeling anxious, excited or both. We will calm and relax you, and prepare your body and mind for the ultimate journey you’re about to embark on. Incorporating a full body massage to soothe your aches, we also include acupressure on specific points to prepare for labour, hip opening stretches, and utilising our Deva Co. Labour Blend Massage Oil. You are attended to by either our qualified and experienced Remedial Massage therapists or our experienced Doula & Birth Support Massage therapist. Ahhh what bliss!

Remedial Massage 1 hour $90 | 1.5 hour $130
If you have particular muscle tension or chronic pain a remedial massage may be for you. You will be in the capable hands of a fully qualified remedial therapist who will assess where you need treatment and what may be causing your pain. A balanced mix of relaxation and deep tissue techniques utilising trigger points, myofascial release and stretching may be used and you will be given an individualised treatment plan for home.
On the spot Health Fund Rebates Apply for most funds. Please check with your Health Fund before your appointment.

Glow like the goddess you are with devatreatments!

Cool It Baby! 1.5hour $140
Cool & replenish your face and body with this gentle wrap of skin-quenching aloe vera, lavender, green tea, cucumber, & chamomile. A soothing treatment for sunburnt and dehydrated skin, your healing journey concludes with a sun-soothing facial gently delivered with a calming neck, shoulder & scalp massage. Depart feeling cleansed and invigorated.

Coco-sugar Body Scrub .5 hour $40
A delicious full body exfoliation using our blend of Organic coconut oil & organic raw brown sugar.

Foot Scrub & Reflexology 45 minutes $50
You deserve a break! And so do your feet!
Re-energise and revitalise with an invigorating Essential Oil Sugar Scrub followed by a Reflexology Treatment.
You will leave feeling like you are walking on air!

If you can’t see an available time that suits, please contact us as we can usually work out a suitable time…

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