Heathy Living Revolution

When I became a mum I knew that I had to look closer at my eating habits. I was never overweight or sick, but I wasn’t living with vitality.
I started one simple change of having a smoothie for breakfast and adding in fresh juices. I felt better almost immediately.
Then just over 5 years ago I added an amazing wholefood supplement into my regime and ditched all the synthetic supplements that made me pee neon wee!

I started craving less junk and wanting more water and fresh fruit and veg! Then I noticed I was sleeping better and having more energy and stamina through the day. So many more benefits I noticed as well…
Eating and being a little healthier doesn’t have to be hard or boring. As you can see from the pics above to eat healthy wholefoods means a world full of bright vibrant and colourful food. It looks alive and does good things in your body. I go by the rule of balance. If you eat well 80% of the time, then the 20% where you might fall off the wagon doesn’t count so much. Crowd out the crap with all the good stuff and your body and mind will thank you!

This is why I every day I continue to eat my wholefood supplement to bridge any gaps in my nutrition. It is made from fresh fruits, vegetables and berries. I also recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone looking to upgrade their health as it’s 100% safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding and kids.

I incorporate nutrition talks regularly after class with simple life hacks and info about my choice of supplements to get you on your path to vitality. If you want to know when these free talks are happening just drop me a line and check on Facebook. X