Pre & Post Natal Classes

Feel empowered and confident about your birth at Deva Co.

Prenatal Yoga

Guided relaxation & meditation at Mini Buddhas Yoga on the Gold Coast

As a mum to be you will experience a yoga practice in a safe and nurturing environment that is tailored to your ever changing needs. Every week you can feel different, so I work to your needs so you leave each class feeling heard, empowered and ahh-mazing!
Bond with your unborn baby through yoga.
Prepare yourselves for a positive birth experience with labour and birth preparation.
Learn about creating balance and energy from pregnancy to motherhood.
Connect with other like minded mums to be.
Classes suitable for all levels from easy beginner upwards. 90 minutes

Wednesday 6:45pm and Saturday 9:30am 5 CLASS PASS $85 / 10 CLASS PASS $160 / $19 per casual – Bookings Essential

*NEW CLASS* Prenatal Pilates Barre

A class tailored to your changing body. Barre is the perfect blend of the strengthening of Pilates, the toning of Ballet and the stretch & relax of Yoga.
Your experienced Prenatal instructor will guide and adjust for your individual needs.
We will focus on strengthening the back, thighs and butt which naturally tones the core just the right amount for pregnancy, and ends with deep lengthening stretches, meditation and massage.
Also suitable for non pregnant people wishing to gently strengthen and rehab from injury.
Monday 5:30pm
5 CLASS PASS $85 / 10 CLASS PASS $160 / $19 per casual – Bookings Essential

Post Natal Classes

As a new mum you are welcomed into the Deva Co. Mummas circle to grow your connection to your baby while building strength mentally and physically. You will experience a guided group practice in a safe and supportive environment where your precious bub is part of the class.

Mums and Bubs Yoga

Bond with your baby during mums and bubs yoga at Deva Co....The class begins with an opening circle to share your experiences and connect to other Mumma’s. We flow through a vinyasa practice with a focus on the breath to align body and mind. Baby yoga and massage is incorporated when bubs are restless; Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and meditation are included for stress release and deep connection, so you’ll both be sure to leave the class feeling a little calmer. A great place to connect with other mums going through the same as you!
Includes childminding/baby whisperer! 90 minute class
Classes suitable for all levels from easy beginner upwards.

Tuesday 10:45am then stay back after class for a cuppa and chat at 12pm in the Deva Co. Lounge
5 CLASS PASS $85 / 10 CLASS PASS $160 / $19 per casual class – Bookings Essential

Mummas Barre

Barre is an upbeat fun mix of ballet, yoga and Pilates with awesome music! The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements.
Your Deva Barre class can incorporate light handheld weights and other props to bring the burn during all those reps, as well as mats for targeted core work interspersed with stretching, and ending with Deva Co. signature (sort of) relaxation and massage.
A class suitable for prenatal and postnatal.
You can bring babies in the room from birth to crawling; and toddlers go in the creche. Classes will be modified to suit each individuals stage pre & post-natally.
Monday 9:30am Core focused
Tuesday 9:30am & Thursday 10:45am Pilates/Ballet fusion

60 minute class. Classes suitable for all levels from easy beginner upwards.

5 CLASS PASS $70 / 10 CLASS PASS $135 / $15 per casual class Or $24 per week unlimited classes – Bookings Essential

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Benefits of yoga during prenatal / pregnancy include:

  • bonding with your unborn baby
  • bonding with other pregnant women in a nurturing environment
  • learning about your body and its changes during pregnancy
  • moving and stretching your changing body in a supported way
  • learning essential breathing & pain coping practices for birthing and beyond
  • focusing on a positive experience for birthing and motherhood
  • feeling Bountiful, Beautiful and Blissful with yourself
  • enjoy relaxation and meditation without guilt, knowing it is great for both of you!

Feel the connection with your baby - an important part of a pre natal class at Mini Buddhas Yoga

Benefits of yoga after pregnancy / postnatal, and with your baby -mums & bubs yoga:

  • bonding and nurturing with your baby
  • beginning to work on strengthening your physical body in safe and supported manner
  • stretching, moving and relaxation are all vital when caring for an infant
  • breathing to self calm when the need arises
  • gaining a sense of community (sanga) with others experiencing similar things

Nurturing classes for mums and bubs at Mini Buddhas Yoga on the gold coast

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