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Latest love notes 💚
I first attended Dee’s prenatal yoga class in my second trimester off the back of a friend’s recommendation. I’ve never been a flexible person and would often have tension in my body, so I wanted to prepare as best as possible for the changes happening during pregnancy and birth. I also liked the idea that the classes incorporated elements of birth preparation as being a first time mum, and prone to anxiety, I needed all the help I could get 😅 Dee is so warm and welcoming, I felt comfortable from the very first class (even if I could barely do a downward dog).
The classes have a nurturing atmosphere and aren’t just like any other yoga class. It’s a time to care for ourselves, bond with our bub and also connect with others on the same journey. I love that we may end up discussing nutrition, emotions, everyday life, etc.
The birth prep element has been extremely beneficial for me. Before attending yoga I had never been able to tune into my breath and trying to focus on it would make me feel anxious. It took me some time to get the hang of it but with Dee’s coaching I’ve been able to use this as a key tool in other aspects of life too. I can remember in my first class when we ‘held the ice’ to practice coping techniques thinking “how can I give birth when I can barely stand holding ice in my hands?”.
Having Dee guide us through regular practise of techniques involving breath, sound and movement has been so helpful over the last six months. I am now able to tune into my breath a lot easier and used the techniques to get through labour last month.
I also attended Dee’s weekend Birthing From Within birth prep classes with my partner. The classes were a great way to tie elements of what we’ve learnt in yoga as well as preparing for birth and the postnatal period. It was a wonderful way to connect with my partner, address our fears, learn the importance of active birth positions, understand hormones and help prepare for whatever labour, birth and postpartum throws at us.
During my pregnancy I also had massages from Dee which were amazing! I love that she incorporates pressure points, releases, stretches etc relevant to us during pregnancy.
On my due date I attended Wednesday night yoga like I had been each week. I felt calm that night and there was a good atmosphere in the room between everyone. Dee said she’d incorporate some squats and other pelvic exercises and we all joked about sending me into labour. Little did I know that later that night after getting home and going to bed (I had also rolled on the ‘labour of love’ oil blend from Dee), I would start getting contractions. We welcomed our little boy into the world the next morning. ❤️ I am so thankful to Dee for her guidance throughout pregnancy to help prepare as well as we could for the wild ride that is birth and parenthood. I can’t wait to start attending the mums and bubs classes in a few weeks! I highly recommend Dee for anyone interested in yoga (pregnant or not), massage, birth preparation, doula services. ⭐️ Jenna

Thoughts about Dee as my Doula

We recently gave birth to our second boy. After searching and meeting with many Doulas we came across Dee. She had the exact vibe we had be looking for. The pre birth communication and encounters made us feel at ease and comfortable. We knew that we were in safe hands, given our specific needs she expanded her research to educate herself and educate us more than any other professional we had spoken too. We had trauma and a hesitation from our first that she helped us work through. Her support gave us back the confidence that we had lost.
During the labour it was evident that we had made the perfect choice having her present in the magical/chaotic situation. Dee was our administrative voice when we could not be. She was physically and emotionally calming when we needed it. Dee was the greatest support we could of asked for. Selfless with her time on the important day and after. Truly a beautiful and present soul. Dee is an incredible human and I consider her a friend. She blessed my family with her services. I could not recommend her more highly.


Thank you for your support, your advice, your encouragement and your friendship, Dee. Words can’t express how much it meant to have you there for the arrival of our little boy.
I would have been lost without you.
S & J

Dee was my doula for the birth of my 2nd baby. She was most helpful giving me advice during labour which allowed me to look at pain from a different perspective. She removed the feeling of being overwhelmed by pain. Dee took away a lot of the fear of the unpredictability of pregnancy/labour and explained labour in both emotional and medical contexts. This deeper understanding enabled me to look at the whole experience as natural and normal. This was helpful on days when I was finding pregnancy hard, and during the most difficult stages of labour.
Dee was also helpful in that she guided my husband through the labour and showed him the best techniques for helping me along.

Dee was amazing! Both my husband and I were extremely happy to have her support us through the birth of our daughter. She really listened to and understood our needs; respecting all of our wishes during labour. She was very organised and flexible to cater for our needs during the prenatal period. I feel Dee went beyond what she needed to do (coming to our house before the hospital and staying for hours after the birth while my husband left because he was so tired). During labour the verbal cues (the languages she used) was perfect encouragement and ressurance for me. Throughout the whole experience (pre and post natal) she was able to answer all my questions and provide me with additional information. Talking to me after birth and later through text messages helped me reflect on the whole experience. This made me feel like I had made the best decisions possible for my birth and later caring for for my baby.
N & M

Dee was most helpful by providing support and encouragement to me. We attempted a natural birth after caesarean, as a natural birth was of great importance to us. We feel that Danera (Dee) provided us with excellent care and support to achieve this.
Although a natural birth was not the end result, we feel fulfilled and complete knowing that after a long labour and a late arrival, along with wonderful pre-natal and birth support, we gave it our all.
Dee provides expert birthing support by having great birthing knowledge and skills.
Thank you Dee, we have been blessed with your support throughout our pregnancy and our birthing experience.

Dee was invaluable for my 3 day labour, I was so calm, happy and didn’t worry about the birth. That would have never happened without Dee’s training and support. I was so grateful to have Dee’s experience. she is an amazing person and I would recommend her to any woman! She couldn’t have done anything more for me.
Thank you so much, Kylie

Birthing From Within Classes

Dee explained the birth experience well without sugar coating. My partner with 2 children from a previous relationship found Dee’s class much more beneficial than those taught in hospitals. She prepared me mentally for childbirth. Dee also kept in contact after my baby was born – showing the care she has for people attending the class. Dee was an excellent mentor!

Dee was engaging, approachable and happy to answer any questions clearly. She facilitated lively discussions amongst us all. I found getting the practical information, like info on hormones and drugs, and what to take to hospital very valuable. The class positively influenced our relationship as it identified the strategies that may be more effective for us during labour. By the end of the classes, Dee doubled my confidence in pain coping! The classes also gave my partner knowledge and confidence to have a more active role during the labour.
Thank you!

Tex & Son say:
In my birthing classes with Dee I felt really comfortable asking questions and in fact this was encouraged. The classes were more of a discussion than just receiving information. The classes gave my partner insight and lots of tools to help cope, thereby giving him more confidence. It was a great bonding experience & united us in our feeling that we were doing all possible to prepare ourselves for the upcoming arrival. I really appreciated our small class and Dee’s fantastic calming way that made us feel that no questions were silly or invaluable and no answers were wrong.
All of the work we did on pain awareness exercises in the birthing classes seemed a bit over the top at the time, but on the day was very very helpful. The classes were fun to do with my partner and I learnt a lot about her from her art & comments during the classes which makes me love her more. For me as a first time father the classes were fun, very informative and Dee was a great teacher.

My partner and I both thought that Dee’s attitude towards the topics & delivery of the discussions are what took the class from helpful to amazing. The group discussions where partners were asked how they feel, helped make us feel like we were taking the journey together, and therefore I felt more supported. It made us think about how the other person must be feeling too. The ice and breathing techniques were what I liked most about the classes.
I had a great positive birth experience and I think Dee helped me achieve that.
Thank you, Clara

The classes were so intimate and personal, so Dee really understood each couple as a result. The most helpful/valuable things I learned were exploring the various pain coping techniques, the stages of labour, and having my husband learn the same info. I was surprised to find the vocalisation most valuable during labour! In class learning about the postpartum period was great as it showed the reality of how much our daily routines would alter to meet our newborn babys needs. We also learned how vital it is to create time with each other. I would absolutely recommend Dees classes to any other expecting parents!

Yoga Testimonials

Dee and team are amazing. personalised service, a lot of care and passion to help us mummas through the not always easy times of parenthood. love you guys and am so grateful to have found you!!
xx Sandra

I look forward to the prenatal classes every week! Having a group of like minded women to share the excitements & challenges of pregnancy has been such a blessing through my pregnancy. I would highly recommend the class to anyone looking for a gentle, supportive & social yoga class. Thanks for all your help so far Dee, looking forward to continuing through & into Mum’s & Bubs!

Loved doing prenatal yoga through all 3 pregnancies with Dee – she’s the best teacher and so chilled, just what I needed! My husband and I also did the Birthing From Within course and it helped us so much to stay calm and positive throughout the whole journey. Plus we met some amazing people doing it! Highly recommend this to everyone…

When I first tried Dee’s prenatal yoga I instantly felt peaceful, calm and alive after the first class. And I thought, you know what I think this Yoga teacher has a beautiful pure heart! Im a fan! As I continued doing yoga with Dee, I started feeling better and better and better in terms of back pain, sciatica and cramps. I can now say the yoga has 99.9% made all my body pains gone! Dee also gave me a wonderful pregnancy massage and I really did go into that deep peace state! So thank you Dee for your wonderful work and sharing it with us to benefit us all! Thank you

I feel so good after coming to your Seniors Yoga classes. My legs don’t ache and I have much more energy for the rest of my busy week standing all day at work. I especially love the relaxation at the end where you talk us through it. Thank you, I can’t wait for next week!

Massage love

I found Dee entering my 3rd trimester, and she was heaven sent!
Her massages are the perfect combination of remedial and relaxation giving the best of both worlds. Her knowledge of the body and hands of intention seem to address every concern, every time I come for a massage. She’s the therapist I’ve been looking for this whole time.
As an added bonus her knowledge about birth and beyond is amazing and my partner and I have recently completed a Deva Birth Co. class with Dee so we feel more prepared than ever for our upcoming Homebirth 🙏🏼🥰 Jade

I saw Dee for a pregnancy massage. Hands down the best massage I have EVER experienced! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! -Ebony

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