Yoga & Pilates Classes


Deva Flow
A beautiful flowing hour of yoga that is purely for you! Also known as Vinyasa style. An adults class suitable for beginners and intermediate that focuses on breathing in tune to your movement for stress relief & calming. This class will also give you what you need for stretching & strength building. The class ends with relaxation and meditation for emptying your busy mind. What a blissful way to spend an hour of your day…
Bring along your Tweens/Teens to introduce them to the benefits of yoga.
Wednesday 9:30am & 5:15pm
Friday 9:30am

Deva Energise
A Vinyasa flow that is a little more intense with options to do more. Great for a strengthening and core building while stretching and releasing. By the time you arrive at the shavasana for relaxation you will know you’ve worked for it and be able to completely relax! Still suitable for all levels with tailored options given.
Monday 5:15pm
Saturday 8am

A class where you learn the foundations of Pilates. You will learn how breath controls the movement, and how to control the body while building strength and stability especially to the core.. Incorporates the breath awareness and mindfulness that are the core of yoga and meditation.

Deva Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is about restoring balance to the body and mind -so essential in today’s busy fast paced world.
In yin yoga the pace is slow, poses are held for longer for maximum release and benefit. The class is all on the mat utilising bolsters, blankets, blocks, eye pillows
…diving deep within and ending with a guided meditation… – ahhh #bliss
Monday and Friday 10:45am

Deva Gold Yoga
Seniors & Injury Rehab
These classes are focused on a gentle movement flow in tune with the breath. In general older people and those recovering from injury have less mobility in their joints and muscles, so this class is a great place to start increasing mobility, flexibility, suppleness and strength, in a safe and supported environment. We use the mat, barre and props. Classes are suitable for all levels from easy beginner upwards.
Tuesday 1:30pm
Thursday 9:15am

Deva Barre
Barre classes are an upbeat fun mix of ballet, yoga and Pilates with awesome music! The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements.” Your Deva Barre class can incorporate light handheld weights and other props to bring the burn during all those reps, as well as mats for targeted core work interspersed with stretching, and ending with relaxation.
Monday 10:45am and
Mums & Bubs Barre Tuesday @ 9:30am ($19 with childminder)

$15 casual – $135 for 10 classes
Memberships available

Post Natal class info on pre & Post natal page

Deva Co. Lifestyle Centre 13 Greenway Drive, Tweed Heads South.
Phone: 5607 0253
Bookings Essential

Bring your focus within at Mini Buddhas Yoga on the Gold Coast

General Class Structure

Tune In -Prepare your mind and body for beginning your yoga practice
Pranayama -Breathing practices to focus on specific needs eg: relaxing; awareness and concentration;cooling & calming; or heating & energising practices
Warm Up -stretch and warm up joints and muscles, focusing on the breath
Asana Sequence -Focuses on a combination of poses in various positions including standing, balancing, bends, twists, seated, lying or inverted poses. Tailored to the specific needs of each class.
Relaxation & Meditation -A guided practice to help the body and mind achieve deep relaxation with calming and soothing music. Meditation helps to set an intention, to develop memory, clears negative thoughts and energy and ends the practice.
find some balance and calm in your life with a Deva Co. Yoga class!