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Massage at Deva Co.

Pregnancy Massage Specialist

Our Deva Co. Massage & Beauty treatments offer nurturing experiences to nourish, heal and restore.


We specialise in looking after those on their childbearing journey with the most amazing Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage treatments on the Gold Coast. Our treatments are carried out with the utmost care to ease

you into a state of deep healing.

We believe in nourishing the body, mind and soul from the inside and out, and our treatments reflect this.

Our intention is to heal, nurture and alleviate. To provide you with the best possible experience we will

consult with you about any health concerns or specific issues you would like us to address.

Read about our massages below or book a treatment today through the button below.

Pregnancy & Postpartum
Massage Experiences

Dee is a highly experienced Bodyworker and Pregnancy Massage specialist, doula & yoga teacher and incorporates many different body balancing techniques and modalities to ensure hands down a massage like nothing else you’ve experienced.

We know life gets busy especially for mothers. 

If you cannot find a suitable time below, please reach out. We do try to accomodate as best we can.


Pregnancy Bliss Massage

Being pregnant can place a huge physical and mental load on the mother-to-be. Your body is growing, shifting and changing like you’ve never experienced before. You wonder how you will be able to keep this up until your baby is ready to come into the world. But you needn’t worry!


Our highly experienced therapists will intuit your needs for the best experience for you during this special time, which can change every day. We soothe your aches and worries, stretch out the body where needed and thoroughly consult and debrief with you before & after to guarantee you leave feeling amazing. Including belly, hands, feet, scalp and face for a total full body pregnancy massage experience.

For your utmost comfort, we offer many various pillows and cushions, including a pregnancy belly cushion so you can safely lay face down.

70min $110 | 100min $155

Prepare for Birth Experience
Massage for 38+ weeks

You’re at that stage where your due date is looming. You could be feeling anxious, excited or both. We will calm and relax you, and prepare your body and mind for the ultimate journey you’re about to embark on. Incorporating the full bliss pregnancy massage to soothe your aches, we also include acupressure on specific points to prepare for labour, hip opening stretches, and utilising our Deva Co. Labour Of Love Massage Oil. Ahhh what heaven! Includes a take home rollerball labour of love blend.

100min $165


Closing The Bones
Postpartum Ritual

A treatment based on traditional indigenous Mexican techniques. A way to honour the mother, and acknowledge the enormous shift not only in the physical but also your mental & emotional state. The physical body has undergone change; through a widening of hips and feet, displaced pelvic organs, swollen breasts, and the psyche is altered by the rite of passage to conceive, carry and birth your child. 


We acknowledging the immense changes a woman has undergone in pregnancy and childbirth and assist in bringing her spirit back into her own body. Physically, this ritual guides her bones back into place, helps her pelvic organs shift and her uterus to shrink back down, and stimulates blood flow. Women who are honoured in this way experience a sense of calm and grounding, re-establishing her sense of self.

2hrs $220

The Breech Release

We aim to patiently release any tension or tightness in the uterine and pelvic muscles, which may be contributing to the baby's breech presentation. By doing so, the baby may have more room to turn into a head-down position. As well as using light to medium pressure on the abdomen and pelvis, we incorporate a full body massage and positioning the body in different ways to encourage the body to open and release, and baby to move.


In addition to the physical technique, we may also explore any emotional or mental blocks that may be preventing the baby from being head-down. These blocks may include fears, anxieties, or unresolved emotional issues that could be affecting the mother's ability to relax and let go. By addressing these issues, the mother may be able to create a more supportive and relaxed environment for the baby to move into a head-down position.


It is important to note that breech release session is not a guarantee that the baby will turn head-down, and it should not be used as a substitute for medical supervision or advice. It is always recommended that pregnant people consult with their healthcare providers before trying any alternative approaches to manage breech presentation.

2.5hrs $250


Postnatal Recovery Massage

A deeply nurturing flowing full body massage. A massage to release all the new Mumma tension in the shoulders and back from staring at and feeding your precious little one! Utilising the Horstmann – Release to Freedom Technique which balances the chakra energy channels of the body including reflexology foot release and pelvic iliosacral release. A bind of the hips with the rebozo cloth is a gentle way to close the session.

100mins $165

Massage Therapy Treatments
Gold Coast

At Deva Co. we offer a range of specialty luxury massage therapies to suit a variety of needs. 

Read about our massages below or book a massage today though the button below.


Deva Luxe Massage    

This is our specialty massage treatment and is a mix of relaxation and deep tissue techniques. We utilise trigger points, Muscle energy release which working to release and clear the stagnant or stuck energy meridians of the body. Experience the benefits of Aromatherapy, Local Volcanic Hot Stones and hot towels to help you relax and let go of all your stresses and worries. 

If you want a complete escape from the outside world then this massage is for you!

100min $155

Deva Intuitive Massage

Relax and unwind on the massage table for an hour of bliss that will leave you floating and peaceful. We give a firm but relaxing full body massage and intuitively use many healing techniques to work with what your body needs. Including hands, feet, scalp and face for a total full body experience. Quality massage oil, essential oils and hot towels are used to leave you feeling divine.

60min $100

sugar scrub.jpg

Coco-Sugar Body Scrub

A delicious full body exfoliation using our house made blend of Organic coconut oil & organic raw brown sugar. Since coconut oil is light it will not leave a heavy residue on the body. We utilise steamed hot towels to help melt this divine blend into the skin and remove the excess. This amazing treatment leaves your skin feeling oh so soft and silky. Perfectly paired with a full body massage. You will therefore leave feeling thoroughly revitalised and relaxed.

30min $50

Option to add a 60 min massage for $90

Internal Pelvic Release Treatment
Womens Health

Pelvic release is a gentle and safe treatment to bring balance and relief to the whole body via the pelvic space. Quite often we have a disconnect with our whole pelvic area, so this is an opportunity to help women reconnect with themselves and find balance & relief. This can be done internally and externally.


The body and breath will guide me where the release needs to happen, so it’s actually yourself that is allowing the healing to take place.


We can release restricted fascia, tissue, ligaments and imbalance in the pelvic bowl (floor). When the pelvis is out of balance it can be causing pain and discomfort through the whole body. It is suitable for all ages and stages of life, and especially during pregnancy from 34 weeks.


We meet with your body with your continued consent.

It’s your body so you get to choose what you agree to. The whole treatment including a thorough consultation is around 90mins.

1.5-2hrs $250

Pelvic Release

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