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About Deva Co.

Our purpose at Deva Co. is to educate and support parents through the biggest change of their lives. 

Dee, the founder and birth-keeper of Deva Co. leads with over 30 years experience in bodywork and 12 years with Yoga, Birth Education and Doula support. Our service to you is guidance, education and nurturing practices for your family and we acknowledge your strength and power as a parent. Members of our community have gone from fear, overwhelm and not knowing; to a place of feeling empowered, confident and held.

Deva Co. and Deva Birth Co. offers nurturing experiences rooted in understanding and connection. Dee is a leader in prenatal and postnatal education, yoga, meditation and massage and offers a variety of services to nurture your soul and empowers you to feel like you can do anything.

We believe in Positive Birth Classes and educating our community to feel confident, empowered and calm while embarking on their journey in parenthood. ​

To read more about Dee's personal experience click below.

Danera (Dee) Wilkinson

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Whether you're after yoga or pilates classes, positive birth classes or seniors yoga, we offer a range of differing classes and treatments to suit your needs. 

Doula Support
doula birth support

Doula Support
& Positive Birth Classes

Dee is extremely passionate about supporting parents to have a joyous and positive birth experience.

You'll find this passion and drive to support you seeps into every offering at Deva Co.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy &
Postpartum Massage

We believe you should get nurturing, balance and relief while on the massage table. Whether you're seeking deep relaxation or treating imbalance and pain, our intuition and experience will ensure you receive what you came for.

Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Pre & Postnatal
Yoga Classes

As a Pre/Postnatal Mumma you are welcome to attend any of our classes , as well as the specific pre and postnatal classes. This gives you a choice of many weekly classes to come to! We’ve been consistently running these classes for over 12 years on the Gold Coast, so we really know how to hold space for you, no matter where in your journey you are at.

Parenting Support Groups

Parenting Support Group

Our online community is a safe place to share your thoughts and questions about your journey to parenthood from pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Join our online community through the button below.

What others have to say

The classes were so intimate and personal, so Dee really understood each couple as a result. The most helpful/valuable things I learned were exploring the various pain coping techniques, the stages of labour, and having my husband learn the same info. I was surprised to find the vocalisation most valuable during labour! In class learning about the postpartum period was great as it showed the reality of how much our daily routines would alter to meet our newborn babys needs. We also learned how vital it is to create time with each other. I would absolutely recommend Dees classes to any other expecting parents!



Our Vision

To build a thriving holistic centre that supports and nurtures women and families. A place where they can access health and wellness services and have their children cared for at the same time. 

Our Community Values



building relationships that are based on authentic foundations of care, honesty and trust


creating an environment where people can come together, feel connected and part of a warm and friendly community


providing an environment where people can grow, where everyone feels welcomed, respected and valued with no judgement.


leading with vulnerability, courage and compassion


Honouring that we are all unique and have our own story. No matter where you have walked, our door is open


living a life true to our values


giving back with acts of kindness, humanity, benevolence, love to mankind


loving our planet and all inhabitants by reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can 


 is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organisations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world


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