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Community Events

What's on at Deva Co.

Community is a valuable part of our offering at Deva Co. and we love sharing moments with you all. We offer a variety of treatments, classes and community events each month.

 Join our community  - we welcome you with a loving heart.

The Return.
A retreat for the soul...

Return to the earth. A return to you.
January long weekend ~ 25 - 28th January, 2024.

Join us for a retreat for the soul in the lush Byron Bay Hinterland, with days that honour our natural rhythms, and practices that invite a deep nervous system reset. Flow through a long weekend of pure nourishment, designed to fill your cup and invite a return to balance. 

Return to the earth at the stunning Wybalena Organic Farm, set amongst 170 acres of serene Northern Rivers countryside. Partake in the beautiful offerings at your leisure , including...

 Welcome Ceremony

Arrive at the farm in your own time from 3pm on Thursday Jan 25. Settle in and be nourished before we set our intention for our time together. Join in with Heart opening movement and a fire ceremony


Live Concert

Join us as we honour ourselves and the land with some heartfelt songs guaranteed to uplift and open your heart!

Liberate your voice with easy to follow mantras and heartsongs lead by the amazing Gaia Tree band or simply sit back and enjoy. 


Yoga Flows

Enjoy supportive yoga practices twice daily lead by Dee and our team to soothe the body and calm the mind. Morning practice is generally more invigorating and a slower paced afternoon practice. All classes are suitable for all abilities.

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All inclusive Farm fresh food

From sunrise to sunset, our

J-Nourish chefs craft each dish with passion and dedication, sourcing the freshest produce from local farms.

Every bite is a harmonious blend of nature's finest ingredients, meticulously curated to tantalise your taste buds and nourish your soul. 


Sound Bath

Immerse yourself in the sacred healing sounds of an array of wonderous instruments & Zarn’s Healing voice. Healing Sounds trigger deep relaxation, calming the often over stimulated nervous system to find that inner peace and a greater sense connection that does exist from within. Sound Healing vibrations penetrate deeply into the body on a cellular level.


Art Therapy

Various art activities will be on offer to allow you to deeply connect with your creative brain and let go of the overthinking we are so used to doing in daily life... Clay sculpting, drawing, macrame...

No experience necessary as this is all just a process and a time to play. Be guided or let your intuition lead.

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Kate C
Dee is the most wonderful yoga teacher I've met. I was lucky enough to attend her prenatal classes which enabled an incredible birth for my last and final birth... these classes were my favourite part about being pregnant. I will continue my yoga practice with her until we're both grey but still limber. Her new studio in Kirra is beautiful
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