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We are a yoga and massage centre located on the southern Gold Coast and Tweed Coast. Our amazing company was created to bring some inner peace and a whole lot of support!


We feel that we can all find a little more peace within if we are given the right tools and support. It is so important to learn these skills to help you in challenging times (pregnancy & parenting are definitely some of those times). So what we learned, we knew we had to share with you all so that you don’t need to struggle like we did! That’s why Mini Buddhas Yoga and now Deva Co. was born…

Since beginning on this journey many years ago Danera & Suzie had a vision to create a nurturing space for their community. A place to feel validated, supported and nurtured while getting some time to refill your cup. Their passion is to support families through the transition of pregnancy, birth and into parenthood and grand-parenthood.

We’re so excited to say that after many many years of planning and dreaming, our dream space has come to fruition! Mini Buddhas Yoga will form part of the Deva Co. company, so we can serve your needs better all in an amazing environment.

As well as specialising in pre/post natal yoga, pilates and birthing, we offer all types of massage, beauty and Spa treatments.
We also have yoga, pilates & barre classes for general, gold classes for seniors, teens/tweens workshops, blokes only yoga, counselling, healing, retreat days, and much more to come! The most important thing that we have heard that the community needs is a creche, so this is an exciting part of the centre.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

Come and enjoy the best prenatal and mums and bubs yoga classes on the Gold and Tweed Coast!

Danera (Dee) says: I have developed a strong connection and bond with people who had never tried yoga before and didn’t think they could “do” it. I love to hear and see their enjoyment and satisfaction when they realise that they are in fact actually “doing it!” I have established a solid foundation of yoga in my local community on the Gold Coast especially with families.

Ready to Grow? Come Discover Yourself…
At Deva Co. & Mini Buddhas Yoga, we help our community to look deep within to find their inner energy and balance; and we’ll guide you through the process.
While you are on your journey to physical, personal and/or spiritual growth, you will find help, comfort, friendship and support with us. We can’t wait to see you and help you on your path. Come join us at Deva Co. in Tweed (south of Gold Coast) and try a yoga class or treatment we guarantee will suit your needs.


When I first tried Dee’s prenatal yoga I instantly felt peaceful, calm and alive after the first class. And I thought, you know what I think this Yoga teacher has a beautiful pure heart! Im a fan! As I continued doing yoga with Dee, I started feeling better and better and better in terms of back pain, siatica and cramps. I can now say the yoga has 99.9% made all my body pains gone! Dee also gave me a wonderful pregnancy massage and I really did go into that deep peace state! So thank you Dee for your wonderful work and sharing it with us to benefit us all!
Thank you, Jade

Loved doing prenatal yoga with Dee – she’s the best teacher and so chilled, just what I needed! My husband and I also did the Birthing From Within course and it helped us so much to stay calm and positive throughout the whole journey. Plus we met some amazing people doing it! Highly recommend this to everyone…

I look forward to the prenatal classes every week! Having a group of like minded women to share the excitements & challenges of pregnancy has been such a blessing through my pregnancy. I would highly recommend the class to anyone looking for a gentle, supportive & social yoga class. Thanks for all your help so far Dee, looking forward to continuing through & into Mum’s & Bubs in 2017!