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Reteach Breech with Dr Stu

2 & 3 September 2024
@ co-habitat Kirra Gold Coast

6 places left!
Earlybird $750
(extended to June 30)
Full Fare $950
Md/Ob $1150
Virtual Only $300
Whether planned or unexpected, breech presentation occurs in 3-4% of term pregnancies and at higher rates if preterm. Twins represent 3% of all pregnancies and half of those will have at least one of the twins in breech presentation. Properly selected term breech presentation is a reasonable, safe and evidence supported option. Breech vaginal delivery is a core skill that every obstetrician or midwife should feel comfortable with.
Breech birth is slowly becoming a lost art to
birth professionals. Gain hands on vital learning
with Dr Stu!

This is a 2 day seminar offering hands-on training and didactic teaching about breech, twin birthing and informed consent as well as an explanation as to why the medical model sees breech vaginal birthing - but not cesarean as synonymous with risk.


Dr. Stuart Fischbein has been assisting families with birthing for over 40 years. He trained in an era where breech was considered just a variation of normal. Current obstetric training programs have abandoned teaching this core skill and rely heavily on cesarean section as the only alternative without informed consent or concern about the short and long term consequences to the baby, the mother and the mother’s future babies. 

This course is open to anyone interested in advancing their skills and honoring birth options. If you are a midwife, doula, other birth worker, medical student, resident or practicing physician you will, at some point, encounter a situation where knowledge of breech, breech extraction and internal podalic version techniques may be lifesaving.


Preferred payment method is direct deposit

with your booking name as reference. 

Payment plans available: $150, then $200 per month 

Deva Co. Pty Ltd 

Westpac BSB: 034604 

Account number: 394472 


0466 344652



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