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All classes include our signature intuitive adjustments and end with guided mediation and massage.

Tune In/Relax

Prepare your mind and body for beginning your practice. Most of the time this includes an opening circle (or at least asking what you'd like to focus on) to share what is happening for you so class can be tailored to the needs of each person on that day. 


Breathing practices are incorporated to focus on addressing specific needs. For example- relaxing; elevating awareness & concentration; cooling & calming; or heating & energising practices

Warm Up

stretch and warm up your joints and muscles to prepare the body for more movement while focusing on the breath

Asana Sequence

we focus on a combination of poses in various positions including standing, balancing, bends, twists, seated, lying or inverted poses. The poses and sequences are tailored to the specific needs of each class and each person in the class.

Relaxation & Meditation

A guided practice to help the body and mind achieve deep relaxation with calming and soothing music. Meditation helps to set an intention, to develop memory, clears negative thoughts & energy; and ends the practice.

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